The Wubbulous World of Meow Wolf

Recently I went to Meow Wolf with one of my friends. It is an art museum located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is a relatively new museum that opened on March 17th, 2016. It features interactive, modern art created by local artists. It’s honestly an amazing experience. It is completely different from any other museum I have ever been to. While there, the gloomy, late fall weather ceased to exist. It transported me into another world entirely! I would highly recommend going, regardless of your age or artistic background.


The main exhibit is a called The House of Eternal Return, which is the 20,000 ft permanent exhibit. It has a mystery about it that you can figure out as you explore. Unlike, any other museum I have ever been to, you can touch everything! The direction given is unless it is explicitly stated not to you can touch anything, and if you can open a door, then you can go through it. It’s purpose is to be interactive and immersive.

I haven’t fully figured out the story behind it… yet. However, the process of figuring it out is fascinating. Opening drawers, reading posters, flipping through photographs, notebooks, and binders, clicking through the computer… All of these are ways to piece together what happened. Note: Don’t forget about the mailbox as soon as you walk into the exhibit. There is so much, it is actually way too much for just one trip.

I will be pretty vague about what I do know, because figuring out what is going on yourself his half the fun. What I will say is that it is about a family who have scientific and possibly supernatural powers for interdimensional travel. There are two agencies that are CIA that they are involved with in various ways. Also, some incident happened that morphed the way time and reality work in and around the house.

If you loved Tim Burton as a kid, than this place will make you feel like an 8 year old all over again. Think Beetlejuice, Alice in Wonderland, and Endor from Star Wars. The rooms pretty much all loop to each other which makes it feel like a labyrinth. Of course without the whole wandering around for hours with the fear of never getting out in the back of your mind. Everything is so colorful and warped. In each section there is different sounds, music, and things to read. I could probably spend days there and not get sick of it.



I don’t want to explain it in too much detail for two reasons. First, because not knowing what is around the next corner makes the experience even better. Second, because it is impossible to properly explain. It is one of those places that every explanation falls vastly short of the reality.

To find out about ticket prices, location, events, and hours here is a link to their website:

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Photos by me and Sierra Strebe.


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