Roses, Wine Bottles, Candles, and More!

Living in a first world country, we produce alot of waste. Not only as a country, but as individuals. One of the ways that we can all reduce the amount of waste we produce is through upcycling. It saves money, reduces waste, and can add some unique touches to  your home. This is pretty easy to do, and also super fun! Here are a few ways that I have upcycled in my house.

Candle Holder

Around the holidays, I tend to get alot of hostess baskets. These are the little gift kits that usually have bottles of wine, cheese, cookies hot chocolate packets, mugs, etc. These are super cute, and I love getting them. However, after I take all the stuff out, I’m left with the basket. Sometimes I use them for hair accessories or bath product holders, but what if I already have that stuff. Well, I got one last Christmas that had all these cutouts in it. So what I did was, instead of buying a tin for my candle, I turned that basket into one. It required absolutely no craft ability, but looks super unique and welcoming.

Beauty Containers

Anyone who knows me well will tell you I’m absolutely obsessed with cute boxes. I love them, I hoard them. If you ever have parties and like to give away little gift boxes. Or if you ever go to parties and get these gift boxes, do not just throw them away. You can use them to store your beauty products in!

Flower Vases

I don’t know about you, but I love myself a good wine. Afterwards, you can put that bottle to good use. Carefully rinse out the inside of the bottles to get rid of any alcohol that remains. Alcohol is not good for flowers. Then fill it up with water and arrange!

These are just a few ways that I am conscious about my impact as a consumer. Let me know if you want more of these. Also, what kinds of upcycling do you do? I would love to know!

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