Tent Rocks National Monument

Recently a group of friends and I went to Tent Rocks National Monument. This was my first time there, and I can tell you that it was worth the drive. I have already done quite a bit of traveling in New Mexico (which I have documented for you here), and my goal is to thoroughly explore all that it has to offer. It never ceases to amaze me with its beauty and diversity.

Before I received the inviting text, I previously had no knowledge that this place even existed. I was excited to go somewhere new in the state where I grew up.

Tent Rocks is located in Cochiti, New Mexico which is in between Santa Fe and Albuquerque. The hiking trail is about 2.8 miles from start to finish. It is not an very difficult trail. Especially if you bring plenty of water and snacks. It took us about 3 hours to complete.

Moth Pink Flowers Tent Rocks Image 6 Yellow Flower

We went early in the morning so that we would go before the crowds and heat arrived.

Tent Rocks Image 7

This was one of the most unique hikes that I had been on. There were several places where the trail weaved through walls of pumice and tuff.

Tent Rocks Image 4 Tent Rocks Image 5

There were also several places where rocks formed natural steps in the trail. The long series of stairs that leads to the highest point of the hike was the most difficult part, but the view was breathtaking.

Tent Rocks Image 1 Tent Rocks Image 2 Tent Rocks Image 3

The entire hike was so beautiful. It was easily one of my favorites so far. I would love to go again sometime.

I highly recommend going if you plan on being in this area. It takes less than half a day to completely experience the monument. If you go close to opening, you will be on your way down by the time most people are just beginning their ascent.

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Also, one of my friends who went with me on this hike has a blog as well. She wrote about her experience, and took plenty of pictures. If you want to check out her post about Tent Rocks I am leaving a link here. Let her know that I sent you over!


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