I Can Explain

Soooo. This is awkward.

I have some explaining to do. I currently have not blogged in over 6 months. The reason? I wasn’t sure I could keep talking about all of these different material things with a clear conscience.

Let me elaborate. I learned that all of this stuff: the clothes, makeup, accessories, cars, everything… will never satisfy us. So how could I go about promoting all of this. Perhaps stirring a desire in people to buy these things. Telling people they need these things.

Well, I couldn’t.

So I just stopped. I spiraled down into a web of despair. I wanted to blog, but I couldn’t without feeling like I was pushing for something that I didn’t believe. I struggled with balancing the ever present consumerism and my need to live a satisfying, authentic life.

However, I think I have it figured out. That’s why I’m back.

Talking about, buying, and enjoying all of this stuff is fine. However, I cannot let it determine my happiness. It should not make me upset if I cannot have the newest trends. It should not be devastating if I have to give it up. I ask myself “If I had to give it all up tomorrow, would I be ok with it?” The answer must be yes. If it isn’t I need to get my priorities in order.

The next step was how, if at all, to blog with this new philosophy. Well, after several months of deliberating I came up with a solution. It is ok to talk about fall essentials, hauls, and favorites. However, I must make sure that the message that I am putting out to my readers is not that we NEED this. Rather that it’s fun and nice, but not necessary. I want to put out a message to my readers of positivity and authenticity. We do not need the latest trends to be happy. We need purpose, expression, acceptance, and companionship.

I want my blog to be about all kinds of things: travel, random rants, beauty products, etc. But the main message, or theme if you will, of my blog is about living a life full of kindness and love. It is about meeting our real needs to live a satisfying and free life. So even if I am talking about something I bought and love, it is not essential. My happiness is not dependent on that, and neither should yours. Because at the end of the day, how many brand name things we have or what kind of cars we drive doesn’t matter. Who we are as individuals and what we are doing to have a positive impact on the people around us (and ourselves, we must take care of ourselves) is what matters.

So with this new understanding and resolution, I am back. Back stronger than ever, and with so many ideas that I can’t wait to share with you! I hope that you come along for the journey and enjoy what I create.


Quick note: I got a twitter and I spew all kinds of dramatic, poetic, word vomit that comes from my brain. Follow me @thebohorocker


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