Procrastination. The bane of all people everywhere. No matter how well planned out you think you are, it’s going to get you eventually. I know from experience.

Every year I start out with my agenda, homework schedules, and designated homework times. I impress all of my professors by turning in my homework early. No stress. Everything’s good.

Then about a month in, that lazy spurt hits. It’s still months before finals, and the exciting newness has worn off. This is the time when procrastination starts to creep in. I start telling myself that I still have time. It’s only going to take a few hours to get the project done. It’s not due for a few more days.

Before I know it, I’m turning in work that was due at midnight at 11:45pm. I don’t even know how it happened. It just did. About that agenda I was so good about writing in? Yep, haven’t used it in weeks. I just somehow “remember” when all of my stuff is due. Those allotted homework times? The internet sort of happened.

I hate procrastinating. It just stresses me out. It seems that it inevitably creeps back into my life.

Not this time! I am determined to keep it away from me. I am going to force myself to be strict with my schedule. With you all as my witness, I am going to stick to my agenda and not turn in homework minutes before it is due! Hopefully.

This is just a little post, a motivational memo if you will, in honor of the start of school. It’s super short because I’ve been really busy. I’ll be able to put longer posts up once I settle into my new schedule.

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