A Message For My Younger Self

Since I’m in college, I’ve been thinking about the future a lot. This got me to thinking about the past, and how much I’ve changed since I was in high school. So this is a message to my younger 9th grade self.

The first thing I would say is: have more sleep overs. I only had one sleepover during high school, although I did go to quite a few. Now that I’m in college, I kinda miss being able to watch teen chick flicks, eat junk food, do nails and hair, and talk about boys with my best friends all night long. Not only would I not enjoy that as much now, but it is also pretty much impossible. With all of the crazy work and school schedules it’s really hard to find a time where we are all available.

The next thing I would tell my younger self, or any high school student for that matter is to talk to someone. There is a lot going on in high school. I didn’t know who I was, or what I wanted. I often felt like no one understood me. I felt alone. I was expected to think about my future for the first time, and make decisions about it. There was more pressure about school. Not to mention the crazy hormone thing. Yikes!

For most of us it is the first time we experience complicated life problems, situations, and feelings. Trying to figure out who you are and what you want in life on top of all of the other stuff can often be overwhelming. I never talked to anyone about any of this. So I would tell my younger self to talk to someone. Let parents, teachers, or even friends in. Ask someone who has experience for help. Talk out uncertainties, hopes, dreams, and drama with them. Everybody at that age needs a guiding hand. Don’t feel overwhelmed because there are people there to help you figure things out. You just have to let them know you need it.

The third thing I’d tell my younger self is to ease up on the blue eye shadow!! There are other colours on that palette. I wore blue eye shadow, and blue eye shadow only, to school every day in 9th grade. Looking back it was so terrible. What was I thinking? Cringe! It is not the ’80s. That’s not cool… or whatever I thought it was. There is this thing called blending. Blending is good. Blending is real good. You could wear blue one day and then brown the next. Maybe mix it up a little.

The last thing I have to say is: say yes. Even if your afraid of being embarrassed or failing, say yes. Try as many things as possible. Say yes to those golf lessons, choir try-outs, going to that party across town. You don’t have to be so goal oriented. The activities you are involved in during high school, are not the things you have to do your entire life. Just go for it! Have fun.

Some of these things are deep, some them are fun. What advice would you give your younger self? Let me know in the comments.

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