5 Types of Professors

It is back to school season so in honor of that, I have decided to talk about some of the types of professors that all of us college kids are going to interacting with this semester.

1. The Friend-ly Professor

These instructors are super nice and usually quite helpful. There’s nothing really wrong with them, they are just really, REALLY nice. They just love to tell you all about their family, their pets, their other job as a bakery owner. They are always inviting you to go check it out and say hi. These professors just thrill at making small talk with you. The entire class is immediately first name basis with this one. Half the class is social time. The small bit of teaching that they do is decent. There just isn’t much of it.

2. The PowerPoint Professor

This professor, literally does not know how to teach. I don’t know what they are doing there, they probably don’t know what they are doing there. This is the professor that comes in, talks a little bit about their day, then sits down, and plays a PowerPoint presentation. These may or may not have audio on them. They don’t take questions. They aren’t even visible half the time because they are sitting behind the podium or at the back of the class. They serve no purpose. They might as well not even be there. Most of us probably don’t remember their names most of the time. Why? We never use it! We just wait for the PowerPoint to explain it. I don’t know what its like at your school, but these professors are definitely the least liked on campus. The other instructors always use “those PowerPoint teachers” as bad examples and the students don’t recommend them to each other.

3. The Laid Back Professor

These professors have been teaching so long, they could do it in their sleep. They give their lectures and talk about random topics with their students. Most often these topics are somewhere in the Sci-fi, James Bond, weird life facts sorts. They also often have a quirky, entertaining sense of humor. These are the instructors that you can joke around with or be a bit smart with. Their motto is basically “if the students pay attention and study enough they’ll pass.” These instructors really do want you to learn, they are just often passive about it. Now I get along great with these instructors. They aren’t my favorite, but I really don’t have any problems with them. They let you do your own thing, and put the responsibility of the course completely in your hands.

4. “The Professor” Professor

These types of instructors will tell you within 5 minutes of the first day that they only go by “Professor Last Name.” Do not think you can get away with “Mr. First Name” or “Mrs. Last Name,” Nope, try that and they will ice you for the rest of the semester. To be fair their lectures are usually on point, and their grading is completely systematic. However, they go around acting like they are teaching at Oxford or something, when in fact, they are actually teaching at a public college/university. This is annoying and slightly insulting, but at least you know that you are going to get through the course with some knowledge of the topic.

5. The Passionate Professor

These are by far, my favorite professors. These ones absolutely love teaching and the subject that is being taught. They often try to make you fall in love with the course. They put all of their effort into their lectures and assignments. Usually, they light up when you ask questions. Whether they are more classical or modern in their approach, this is the class you look forward to the most. These are usually well seasoned professors with a good sense of humor. They remind us all why we chose the college we did. They make putting up with all of the less desired instructors worth it.

That’s it! If I missed any let me know in the comments! Hope everyone who is going back to school this month has a great semester. Don’t forget to like and share!

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