Garnier Fructis Conditioner and Product Review

Recently while at the store I spotted a rather bright, flashy new product to try. Also, it came with a “free” hair product. Loyal as I am to my current conditioner I could not resist. That and the fact that I am kind of a hair product junkie weighed heavily on my decision to buy it. I have been using the conditioner every day, and the product every few days.

I actually had high expectations for the conditioner. With the words ‘Brazilian Smooth’ flashing before my eyes, I had images of a shiny sheet of long, dark hair flowing in sunshine. Dramatic I know, but true. It has Argan Oil in it, which I have used before in my hair with fantastic results. So I went home and gave it a try.


It didn’t turn my hair into Real Housewives of Miami dream hair. However, it didn’t disappoint either. It is thick and rich. It does a good job of thoroughly conditioning and detangling my hair. The frizz was also dramatically decreased. I will say that when it came to leaving my hair in its natural state, I noticed that it was more poofy than its usual wavy. It also wasn’t as soft as my regular conditioner usually made it. I think for someone with thicker hair, it would be great. I happen to have rather fine hair, so a heavy conditioner tends to be a bit much. Would I buy it again? Yeah. It’s not a bad conditioner. Nothing terrible happened. Nothing very wonderful happened either. It is a decent conditioner that loosely holds up to its promises.

I also had high hopes for the product, which was a bonus taped to the bottle. I use several Garnier hair products on a regular basis, and I love them. This one promised to cut down straightening time, and make the straightness last longer. It is consistent I every time I used it, I’ll give it that. I got the exact same results every time I used it.

Flat Iron

First off, it is heavy. It left my hair greasy. At first I thought I was using too much, but even after cutting the amount in half it didn’t make much difference. One good thing was it did decrease my straightening time. I only had to run my flat iron over each section once or twice. Another thing was that it in no way increased the time the straightness lasted. In fact it was only an hour later when I started to notice the wave coming back. Two hours later and it looked like I hadn’t even used a flat iron. Usually, I straighten my hair and it lasts for upwards of 12 hours. Would I buy this again? No. I was disappointed.

To end on a positive note I still like Garnier. The Flat Iron Express was a disappointment, but the conditioner held its own. I will still continue to use Garnier products, just not all of them. I encourage you to try these products and share your results!

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