The Time I Got Caught Staring!!

Ok, so this was a long time ago and probably one my most embarrassing moments, but it is also cringingly hilarious.

About a year ago, I was driving home pretty late one night and I pulled up to a red light. This car pulls up in the lane next to me, so I casually glance over. It’s dark so I can’t really see anything besides a shadowy outline of a person. After that one quick glance I think I recognize the person in the car. I think it might be one of my friends who I went to high school with.

Because of this, I look again. Red flag: I don’t recognize the car. But I think, “maybe he got a different car since the last time I saw him.” This has happened a few times. Another red flag: This friend lives in another city. He is about 30-40 minutes away from me. The thing that should have been obvious is that it would not make sense that he would be driving around a neighborhood that is so far this late at night. However, I dismiss it. “Maybe he is visiting another friend or something over here,” I tell myself. So I start staring at him trying to figure out if it really is him. It’s dark and I have dark tint on my windows, so I think he can’t see me. By this time, I am blatantly, obviously, staring.

The thing I forgot was that I had my radio on. My radio has one of those screens that doubles as a GPS, so it is actually lighting up the front seat area a little bit. It was lighting it up enough so that he could actually see me. Now this would have been completely fine, if it had been who I thought it was.

After me intently staring at this figure for almost the duration of the light, he notices. Since I can’t see into his car, I don’t know that he is looking at me and can see me. This is increasingly uncomfortable for him, (poor guy!) so what he does is he turns on one his lights and confusedly waves at me. As soon as that light goes on, I know immediately that it isn’t him. Not even close. It was some older man whom I had never seen before. My jaw just dropped. I snapped back to looking straight ahead.

As soon as the light turned green I booked it out of there. Thank God he turned at that light. The mortification and complete embarrassment I felt that night was something I hadn’t felt since elementary school when a flooring guy walked in on my and my friend while we were dressed as punk rockers. But that’s a story for another time…

I hope you enjoyed my embarrassment. Don’t forget to follow for more crazy stuff. I post about all sorts of things. I think a travel blog is coming up next.

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