A Resolution-less New Year

If you are like most people, you probably have one or two New Year’s resolutions you are set on keeping. They are probably somewhere along the lines of “loose weight,” “eat healthier,” “exercise regularly,” “take up a new hobby,” “learn a second language,” etc. Making them is fun and gives you a feeling of a fresh start. There is nothing wrong with that. It is all harmless fun. However, like most people you will probably forget all about this resolution by the time spring comes around, and you will probably wait until next January to try again. I cannot recall how many resolutions I have let fall to the wayside.

As new year approached, I found myself wondering what my resolution would be. Just like many others, I thought about all of the popular ones. I know that every year I make them, and every year I fail to keep them. It seemed like a waste of time to make one. That sparked a thought. What if I did not make a New Year’s resolution? The only reason most of us make them at all is because of tradition, and we get caught up in the “clean slate” mentality that saturates the atmosphere. Decisions made in the heat of the moment rarely turn out well or last very long. Instead of making resolutions, I would make changes. These changes do not have to be associated with a time period, rather they will be made at the appropriate time. Whenever that time may be.

I did not make a resolution because I don’t want to improve my life or change over the course of the year. I did not make one because I WANT to improve my life and change over the course of the year. Could I benefit from regular exercise, a healthy diet, or becoming bilingual? Absolutely! I will make these changes as the opportunities arise. When I do make them, I will set myself up for a lifelong change. I did not make a resolution because I do not know what opportunities this year is going to bring me. Last year brought me so many new ones that I could not even fathom last New Year’s Eve. Those are the ones that have lasted.

When I graduated high school, I told myself I would say yes to more opportunities and take more chances. This is the doorway to improving yourself. I have deciding that this year, I will continue to think in that mindset and do my best to act on it. I made that change in May.

If you have made your resolution: good for you! Do your best to keep it! However, if you fail, just remember that you do not have to wait until next year to start again. Any day can be a new start or a clean slate. If you are like me and did not make one: do not forget that self evaluation and improvement is good. Make this year a good one filled with growth and experiences.

Resolution-less or not, have a Happy New Year filled with opportunities and positive changes!


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