Summer Vacation Is Almost Over!!

The middle of August marks the end of Summer vacation. Many of us are scrambling to get the most out of the limited time we have left (especially those of us leaving for college).

I have compiled a list of activities that are perfect for relishing these last days of free time.

1. Swimming

If the pools are not closed take advantage and go swimming. Round up friends, family, or whoever and go. Even if it is for just a few hours. It is a great way to beat the late summer heat and make some last-minute memories.

2. Go To the Park

The park may be the place little kids go to get exercise, but it is surprising what a frisbee and a handful of friends will do. If everyone brings something to drink or a ball/frisbee no one will want to leave until the sun goes down. I did this one several times this summer with my friends and we had a blast every time.

3. Have a Backyard Barbecue.

Nothing says good times with old friends like lots of food, random party games, and lawn chairs. Who would turn down an opportunity to sit around talking and eating with good company. The party doesn’t have to stop once it gets dark. Bust out the board games! Simple traditional things like this make getting together easy. If affordability is an issue, just have everyone bring a side or dessert.

4. Go See a Movie

This one is a classic thing to do with friends or family. During the busiest time of the summer, it isn’t too hard to take a few hours on a Friday night to go watch a movie. It is nice to just be with them sharing snacks and an experience that everyone will remember.

5. Have a Water balloon Fight

All that is needed: A tub full of water balloons and an open space. remember how much fun these were at summer birthday parties in elementary school? They are just as fun in high school/college. This is a great way to forget about all the stressful things on the before school starts to-do list. Nothing cures back to school blues like physical exercise, a way to cool off, and a laugh filled game.

In the end it is who you are with, not what you are doing that matters. Last minute memories are some of the best and will give you something to smile about during exam week. This summer is almost over, but it is not too late to make the most of it.

Thanks for reading!

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