81 Feet Below

Did you know the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, New Mexico is an artesian well filled with cold, clear water and completely circular?

When I heard that I had to see for myself. I was already taking a road trip around the state so I thought “What’s one more destination?”

I can assure you there is a reason it is one of the top SCUBA destinations in the U.S. The water is a Caribbean blue right down to the bottom. It has the cleanest water I have ever been in, and the coldest. It is a mere 64 degrees Fahrenheit. That did not stop anyone from making a splash. Kids were jumping off protruding rocks into the edge of the freezing water and several people were taking SCUBA lessons in the center.

The one time hatchery is now a full time watering hole. It is not everyday you find something like this naturally existing in the desert. It was so beautiful. A true desert oasis whether you like to swim, dive, or both.


Divers out for the first time.

Divers out for the first time.


My brother was quite shocked at the low temperature.

My brother was quite shocked at the low temperature. It took him a few tries before he could get in.

Later that day we went to Park Lake which was right down the road from the Blue Hole. This is by far the most family friendly swimming hole in the area. It has a swimming area complete with a dock and diving board. Kids enjoyed jumping off of the low dive into water much warmer than that of the Blue Hole. As if swimming wasn’t enough entertainment, there also was a water slide.



The water slide was a blast, and so were the pedal boats which can be seen in the back round.

If you are ever in the Santa Rosa area it is worth taking a day to explore the water features.

As summer draws to a close, I have been looking through all of the photos from the past few months and I don’t feel that this summer has been wasted. Most people scoffed at the idea of staying local. I, however, had a fabulous time exploring the place I have called home my entire life despite the criticism. I challenge you to pick a place that you have never been in your state and take the next opportunity to have a little adventure. You will not regret it.

Thanks for reading!!


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